Welcome to the BBMRI Negotiator.

The BBMRI-ERIC Negotiator is a brand-new service that provides an efficient communication platform for biobankers and researchers requesting samples and/or data.
It substantially simplifies the communication steps that are necessary to obtain information on the availability of relevant samples/data, particularly if the researchers need to communicate with multiple candidate biobanks.
The Negotiator 1.0 is connected to the already established BBMRI-ERIC Directory, the biggest biobanking catalogue on the globe.
In case of any issues, contact us at negotiator@helpdesk.bbmri-eric.eu

Crash course for biobankers

1. Discover requests

Requests in your inbox matched your biobank in a Directory search.

Sort the requests. The categories Favorite, Ignored and Archived help you keep a clutter-free overview.

Need to find a specific request? There is a keyword search directly in the inbox.

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2. Understand a request

Read the requesting researcher's description in the request view.

Discuss details with the researcher and the other biobankers in the comments.

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3. Discuss access conditions

Signal that you can supply the requested samples in the "Sample availability" discussion. It is kept private between you and the researcher.

Explain your access policy and keep in touch with the researcher during the approval process.

Don't miss new developments - we send you a notification if there is a new post in your conversation.

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4. End of negotiation

When you agree on how and when to send the samples, the negotiation is complete.

From there, you can follow the usual process in your biobank to send samples to the requester.

The negotiator is a service provided to you by BBMRI-ERIC.