Crash course for researchers

1. Specify what you need

Filter the biobanks in the Directory with your criteria.

Add a human-readable description of your project and sample requests so the biobankers can better understand your needs and offer the best samples.

2. Communicate with the biobanks

Biobanks that match your criteria will leave comments under your request.

Answer them to clarify the request, or add more details.

3. Discuss access conditions

Biobanks that wish to supply samples will start a private conversation with you.

Talk with them to understand their access policy and define the extent of collaboration.

Don't miss new developments - we send you a notification if there is a new post in your conversation.

4. End of negotiation

When you have come to an agreement with a biobank, the negotiation is complete.

From there, the biobank will send you the samples as described during the negotiation.

The negotiator is a service provided to you by BBMRI-ERIC.